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CommonCoreSuite employs state of the art teaching techniques and delivery methods. Each lesson is designed with sound teaching principles that are based on California State Content Standards.  We state the objective of the lesson so the student knows what they are going to learn.  We then give the input and modeling they need to understand the concept, and finally we check for understanding of the concept learned.  This approach is the same type of approach that every effective teacher employs in their lesson planning.

Online Lessons and Quizzes

As a pioneer in web-based assessment software, CommonCoreSuite’s e-learning solutions continues to exceed expectations for customer service, reliability, performance, and ease of use. By gaining a keen understanding of each school's unique goals, issues, and environment, CommonCoreSuite has consistently provided the most powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use e-learning solutions to solve complex problems.  Our lessons and quizzes are straightforward and accomplish our main goal of helping students master the California Content Standards.

Online Monitoring of Student Achievement and Academic Success

Our Learning Management System is state of the art and allows students, parents, and teachers to monitor student mastery of the California State Standards.  With one quick glance, a user can see mastery levels of each Language and Math standard.  Because our secure database records academic information on a central server, a user can access this information anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection and appropriate browser.

Easy to Use Program

Our web-based software is cross platform compatible.  So whether you are using a tablet or PC, you can use our software through your browser.  Users can log-in via our CommonCoreSuite homepage or they can access their log-in page by clicking on their favorite bookmarks.  Schools are given a portal where all students can log-in and complete their courses.


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For the first time in our school's history, we had the highest second and third grade scores in the city.  We want to expand the program to 4th and 5th grade this year. We are convinced that our school's outstanding performance is a direct result of implementing your online lessons.  Count us in for next year and the year after that!  Tim H. Redlands

I will tell you that my class did enjoy using the program, and I did see great collaboration and tutoring going on when I paired up students at a computer.  Individual students were able to use it with minimal assistance.  I do like the flexibility to use it total group as teacher instruction, partner groups for re-teaching, and individual for practice and review.  Rialto

CommonCoreSuite helped me learn in school.  When I came to this country I couldn’t speak English, and now I am very successful.  CommonCoreSuite helped me a lot. Zeno F, 5th Grade Student

I like your program and think it has a lot of potential.  I like that it is standards based.  I like that it is broken down by standards.  I like the audio.  I like the tutorials.  Lots to like. Laura D. Teacher

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